Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Around Adelaide

I have a few left-over photos from March that I need to catch up with. I went out with the mother's in our group & rode in with Bec on her bike. It was fun, and I was glad all I had to do was hold on.

Cam's work is going pretty well. He's been applying for other contracts, so we will wait to hear on those. He wrapped up work on the 1860s Adelaide observatory and the Adelaide Hospital 1850s with major rebuilding a hundred years later. Here's a shot of him in the office. 

During the Adelaide Fringe, there were lots of festival-like things happening in the city and around. They even set up croquet on the lawn in the middle of Victoria Square (dead center of Adelaide). This was the entrance, and we met up with a few folks after work one Friday.

Nevlin was happy to come along and watch. He played with the grass (our's was still growing in the back yard) and watched people playing croquet.

Overall, Nev is a pretty good eater. He enjoys lots of fruit, veg and meat. Of course being a mid-westerner at heart, he loves his corn.

We frequently go into town on the tram and depending on how many people are in it, we sometimes get to wander around a bit. Nevlin's favorite spot is by the doors where he can look out & then run back and forth between that, Cam & I.

Often, we spend time outside as it tends to calm down the little man. Here he was with Cam at the botanical gardens. He has woken from his nap, so I will sign off.

Blue Strings with a friend

Nevlin went over to his friend's and her mom had a container of blue string/yarn/fuzz cut into strips. 

It was absolutely fantastic! So many varieties, so much fun to throw around. Hey I want that piece off your head, please.

Heh he he heh heh he he heh heh heh.

Nevlin is walking on his own now and has been for a couple of weeks. He really loves his shoes.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Animals GALORE

Nev had a treat of ANIMALS over the weekend between the Adelaide Zoo and ending with a petting zoo at someone's birthday party. First, the ZOO!

We didn't see everything, because we have annual passes. (Nev's present from Meme & Gpa - Thank you!) Nevlin was very happy he had his shoes on, because he could walk in circles around and around and around. He paused to pet this panda.

One of the craziest things we saw was a very large emu, close up. Check out how close we were to this animal? When Nevlin was standing at the fence, he was right at eye level. It was sweet.

At Issy's birthday party, there was a petting zoo. Nevlin had the opportunity to see a real bunny (he loves a postcard that has a photo of a bunny) and didn't exactly know what to do with it. He spent time studying it and wondering about its fur and long ears.

Finally he thought he would touch it and see exactly how soft it was...SUPER SOFT! Nothing like animals to get this kid excited.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Randoms from March

The weather has been all over the map lately, but we donned this home-made knitted sweater from Boosha for a quick snap in the back yard one weekend. Considering his bear feet, it wasn't that cool. He was very squeezable while wearing it.

I know I mentioned that I made his cake, well here it was straight out of the oven. He only managed to eat about 1/4 of it on his birthday, but Cam & I enjoyed the rest.

I took Nevlin to the park for a picnic on his birthday. Here he is with some cheese, grapes, and a rice snack (one of his favorite things). He's always crossed his ankles, and I used to think it was just a baby thing, but now I am more of the opinion it is a Nev thing.

Birthdays just aren't the same without presents and Nev got lots (THANKS everyone!). We opened some on his actual birthday, then others the weekend after and still more in the weeks that followed. He had practice with the ripping thing over Christmas and has really mastered the art of tearing.

Making most things into a drum is a must...and those presents that allow us to do that easily are the best. He likes his actual drum, but likes to practice drumming on most things.

About a week after his birthday we were at Ava's and borrowed a hat from her party. It was a challenge to take a 1 year portrait of the little dude, but I think I finally snapped the right one.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dinner out - Sydney Part 2 of 2

For Cam and Toby's birthday (Toby couldn't make it, being in Chicago) the family went out to a very crazy restaurant near his parent's place.

We had a jolly good time at the restaurant, trying to catch our food and use the chopsticks effectively. It was comical, to say the least.

Eggs were tossed about, much to my disgust. Here's a view of Michelle sitting next to me, catching her egg in a bowl. I was so grossed out that I started to shut my eyes!

Nick caught his egg in a bowl on his head, and then if fell off and down the back of his shirt. Ted let Aiden catch their egg and they did so with grace and style. It was pretty crazy, but fun for the kids. When do you ever get to go out with 6 children and 8 adults and all have a good time?

February in Sydney with Chinese Cousins! Part 1 of 2

Nevlin was able to meet his Chinese cousins, Aunt, and Uncle. Here he is on the first night, getting lots of cuddles. He was in 7th heaven! That is Song holding him, Sydney giving a kiss, and Aiden looking on from the right. 

We spent a day in the park complete with a "bicycle" built for 5. Ted cycled around the park twice, while I took the first peddle for the Adelaide Hartnell's.

Then the reinforcements showed up and off the "bicycle" went again. The park was well suited for this as the speed limit was very slow and the bike lane was 1/2 the one way road. We rented the bike and I'm very glad Cam had this idea. A special day for all.

We got to see lots of animals, but mostly birds, bats, and spiders. Here are the kids with Cam at the bird pond. There was a wedding near by and check out the cockatoos in the background. Bread/cookies abounded for these birds.