Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Monday, March 24, 2014

And they even let me eat cake!

Nevlin's first state of cake was on his first birthday. I think he started with the fruit, because it was familiar and he wasn't really sure what was on his plate.

Then he discovered the cream...yum, yum. Followed a bit by some cake...

 mmmm, cake. I've never had cake before.

You know you wish you could have some, but mama only made ME the cake! My plan of getting it on every part of my body except that covered by clothing succeeded.

It's Nevlin's FIRST Birthday!!!

I turned ONE on the 20th of March!!! Look at some of the presents I got...don't you wish you were me?

I love popping bubbles, inside, outside, I'm not fussed about where, just give me bubbles, baby! Your the baby because now I'm a B I G one year old.

I got lots of things, but this present from my younger friend Xav really was sweet. I've been loosing pieces to my train all over the house. It has wheels that move and blocks that stack and its colorful. Everything I could ever imagine the best train to look like.

Moma & Dada got me this really neat push-cart for the yard. Now I can collect all the oranges and lemons that fall off the tree. Even better, I can pick the green ones that I find in between all the leaves. Also, can you see the best green dream catcher? Once I saw that I carried it around with me the rest of the evening.

Moma even put my name on my cart so neither she nor Dada could use it. I think they only had time to decorate one side, and can't wait to see what they put on the other 3.
Well, that was part of my birthday. Stayed tuned, more photos to come!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Christmas Vacation Wrap Up

Here are the last few shots of us back in Sydney before returning to Adelaide. We went to visit Steve and Em and their girls in their new place, which includes a pool. The kids enjoyed the swim, even if it was raining a bit. They were both in awe of Nevlin and showered him with love an attention.

He was in a small floaty thing that allowed him to kick around, but remain above water. It was pretty sweet.

Cam and his mom walked up to the top of a reservoir, while I hung with Nev who had a small snack. This shot captures his infamous pointer finger doing its best...

Meme went on a bit of an adventure (long walk around Sydney's old water system) with Nevlin and his parents that ended in this colorful cafe. Nevlin wanted to touch all the flowers, not realizing that they were fake. Looks fun though.

The next day we had some quality time with Gpa and ate at the Art Gallery restaurant. It was a beautiful time, if very filling.

Canberra visit in January & New HOUSE!!!

We went to the Nation's capital, Canberra and visited the former parliament house. There was a very famous speech made from this spot, and Nevlin has already visited. We went through Canberra between the farm and Sydney with Michelle. She was at the Art Gallery when we were here.

A tour group walked into the room during this shot, and wondered what we were doing...I was arguing a very important political point & Nevlin is clearly shaking his head in disagreement.

Since Cam is such a fan of politics, he wanted to pause and play the part. Nev wasn't too sure about this wig, but held on long enough for a picture.

Finally, another reason the blog has been down so much recently is the fact that we moved. Here's an exterior view of our new abode. It sits on a corner lot, and has some pretty good trees & shade. We are working on the grass around the place & building up our garden tools. I'll post more photos once I clean up the place a bit more in the inside.

Look back with some Friends

Trying to catch up a bit. These shots were from Dec-Feb. Sorry they are all mixed up. 
We were at Ava's place and had a shot of the two of them in this basket. It didn't take long for them to be distracted.

We put them in it 1 November and then with the waves background 21 February. Here's their 11 month old view...much more animated, engaging and generally quite happy.

Here's what they looked like back in early November. Ava's missing lots of those teeth and Nevlin some hair and their switched places. Not much has changed in almost four months.

It was pretty amazing that we were able to get everyone from our mother's group to sit still long enough to snap this shot. Nevlin is all dressed up for this Christmas party, check out the tie from his Cioci! We wear that bib when he needs to dress up.

Here's a view of someone off to sleep at our old apartment in early Feb.

Christmas at the farm...

Christmas morning wouldn't be anything without gooey-yummy cinnamon rolls. Meme has the best recipe and even Nevlin was able to have a try. So tasty!

There were lots of presents to open and wrapping paper to collect. Tony handed them out and Paula cleaned them up. It was a tag-team effort. Here is Tony on the right, then Louise (Cam's Aunt), Paula & Scott (cousin).

Michelle got Mancala a wonderful game that allowed us to take some time out. There was some strategy, but mostly luck.

Nevlin got some wicked socks, seen below & a super cool "quad-cycle." His feet didn't exactly touch the ground completely, but now in March he really can cruise like no-one's business.

We had a lovely dinner for Christmas and also broke our Opoitek again. That may be spelled wrong, but it is Polish for a holy wafer. You wish someone well and they do the same for the year to come while you each break off a piece from each other's wafer. Here's the beginning of the night, with Nevlin & Michelle staring at a giant mosquito statue hanging from the ceiling.  

There was also a trivia night, with the champions crowned Cam & Nolea. Fun was had by all!

Ho Ho Ho here's comes Nevlin!

Someone really loved Christmas, and wasn't afraid to show it. Check out the cheeky smile in each of these shots. With Dada near the tree.

I even have a belly to match the suit! Ok, so maybe the socks don't quite cut it, but give me a break this is my first Christmas.

Nevlin sort of got the idea of ripping open presents, often he was a bit distracted.

The bib just says it all!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vaca in NSW

We were in New South Wales for our Christmas Vacation & took a bunch of shots. The natural environment is so amazing that you want to just spend time outside. There were cows.

And lots of horses, race horses. Many little ones that were only a few months old. Nevlin was constantly amazed of them.

We went on motor bike rides to ponds, the beach, and around to see different horses and drive through the paddocks. Nevlin was secured and we didn't go too fast, but he really liked being in the action. 

On Christmas Day we went and played golf. Nevlin putted for the first time. It was sweet.

Cam played a few holes and then would let the rest of the family put. Here's an action shot. Check out the wicked shoes. 

We hit the beach since it was only a 10 minute walk down the road. Nevlin was particularly impressed with sand and would come back absolutely covered in the stuff. 

Occasionally the outdoors came inside. These blossoming gums were our Christmas centerpiece for the table at dinner. 

Here's a shot of Aunt Louise next to all the candles lit. A magical shot to close a magical evening.

Christmas Catch Up

Its been a while since I posted last, lots has happened to the family including a move to our new house and a soon to be 1 year old. Let's do a bit of a catch up with some fun shots from Christmas. Then we will review a visit back to Sydney in Feb & finally what's been happening in SA for the last couple of months.

Sorry for all the delay, there's been a lot going on! Here's a shot of us outside before leaving to Sydney and opening a few presents. How about that tree in the back? We got it at a garage sale, fully decorated and stored in a garbage bag. It is so sweet...

Christmas is much warmer here in the land down under than in the northern hemisphere. Meme (MaryEd) was watering the garden and filled a small tub for the little guy.

We went to Christmas Eve mass and there was a real baby. They fell asleep in their sheep-woolen lined bed. It was very cute and his brother was Joseph in case the little one got scared.

Nevlin really loved being in his jumpy Jolly Jumper as evidence in this shot...

No Christmas would be the same without the Christmas Story. If you are not familiar with this movie, rent it & find out. We got lights from a little house in the US where my Grandmother's house is and they were sent all the way around the world (to follow me of course). Tried to find the right adapter, but instead just didn't keep them on for very long. Leg Lamps alight!