Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Package Opening Fun

Nevlin is pretty fascinated by lights turning on & off. He would watch it and watch it for an hour every day for a few weeks late Oct & early Nov. It's mid-November now, and the amazement is starting to wear thin. This photo epitomizes how he would look up and wait for the lights to either turn off or on. Very cute indeed. 

We got a halloween package from OH the other day & I took some images of the guys opening it in Nevlin's play space. He loved rummaging through the box & pulling things out himself.

Of course, when we found a book, we had to read it right then and there. This one was about bears. Notice the awesome pumpkin socks that I got! Rock on.

We have tried to practice crawling a bit, but someone doesn't really like being on his stomach for too long. One day he crawled towards the couch with some help from Cam & wanted to keep going to this box he saw under the couch. I took full advantage & snapped this shot under the couch. A little like a deer in headlights!

Kitchen and household items are frequent toys. This shot was too good to pass up a day or so after opening the box, which you can see on the left. Not sure who looks more ridiculous.

For a couple of weeks now Nevlin has been standing by the couch. He needs a spotter, but generally can do this for about 15 mins at a time. There are several occasions that he refuses to sit down or be on his stomach. Standing really is the only other option buddy!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fire Station visit

Cam and Nev and I checked out the Adelaide main fire station in the center of town. Every fire station has a pup, this one was a bit larger than life!
The station is huge and has lots of trucks. What I didn't realize is that it also had a training facility out the back. Check out the tower in the background. They rescued people from its upper stories in a demo during this open house.
Nevlin and I and Cam all found ourselves in a high-tech vehicle that coordinates all the firefighters attacking a large fire. Smart boards, flashlights as big as Nev's head, and computers a plenty were spread in the vehicle. 

I've never been in a fire truck, and neither has Nevlin for that matter, so we hopped on board as if we were real fire fighters. Both of us were excited and happy. Lucky for the firefighters, I noticed they had an updated street directory.

We thought Nevlin would have a great time checking out all the trucks, and guys, and demos. He really enjoyed hanging out with all of that, and dressed for the occasion in red.

Pool and Cavalia

We have been doing lots around town, so I thought I would post two things. The first was an evening out with Cam and I to CAVALIA. It was a horse show with acrobats and over 40 male horses. It was really amazing, especially the tent. A show to stop all shows.
We didn't take any photos because it would scare the horses. We did manage to take this shot before the show began. The stage was covered in sand and there was lots of room for them to run around and through.

We also went to the local pool! I'm not a fan of pools or getting wet in general, but it was quite fun to see Nevlin enjoy splashing around a bit.
Yeah, I'm having fun!!!

Cam has been to the pool about 3 times already, but this is one of the only few shots we have of the two guys swimming around. Nevlin was put under once, but doesn't seem to be a big fan.
Nev is a pretty happy chappy, and this photo demonstrates that pretty clearly.

The pool trip includes a bit of time on the grass to dry off and check out who's around.

"Hey, give ME the camera!"


We celebrated Halloween with a small get-together with some of the kids and parents in our group. Here we have Superman, Princess Leia, Lady-Bug and a Fairy.

Nev started cracking himself up, which took everyone else by surprise!

Princess Leia's hair was absolutely amazing, and a draw card for many.
This shot is a classic one of these two...the thumb is a best friend and a nauseous/squinty look is more frequent than I'd like to remember. Someone takes after his mom a bit.
We had lots of meat, and there were some condiments to accompany them.

Cam held Nev on a slide too...WEEEEEEE! Woah, he's almost flying.
BOOOOOOO! This was Nevlin on the 31st of October. He was a bit scary!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

National remote boats

We went one Saturday AM to a small "lake" or what I would call part of a river for the Australian National remote boat race. It was an interesting AM. Each boat is a few thousand dollars and can have several different types of sails. However, each race has the same sails on the boat for the whole race. So all the boats are the same and the winner is the person who judges the conditions like the wind the best.

There were about 30 boats or so on the water in several different heats. A course was laid out and you had to do so many laps to win. It wasn't nail biting as a clear winner came out in front pretty early. Cam & I each picked a boat. Here was mine: I liked the characters on the sail.

 Nev was so excited he fell asleep! Check out the beautiful day and general setting for this relaxing Sat AM.

Occasionally one of the boats would tip over and a guy and the boat's owner would head out into the water in a small dingy. At least you get a sense of scale with this shot. These boats aren't very big, but they traveled pretty fast.

After the races, we headed over to a skate park to watch some of the kids and also to check out the airplanes coming in for a landing. I'm trying to explain to Nev what's happening...not sure he got it all, but at least it was interesting to watch.

"Me and my Friends"

Nev's a popular kid. Whether we are hanging out with the mothers' group or our friends in the park, he really gets around. I recon its his charm (that he gets from his dad). Here's some shots where you can decide what makes Nevlin so loved.

We tried to sit up all the kids at the mothers' group, with some success. Here's a shot of everyone lined up with Nevlin in the foreground.

Stopping by at Cam's work allowed Sean a bit of a cuddle. Can you see the blazing sun? Doesn't Nev look a bit squinty-eyed?

We have a play date with Ava almost once a week. She's also part of the mothers' group but lives super close. Here the kids were hanging out in a basket before they really were able to sit up on their own pretty well.

Cam, Nev, Jo and I went on a picnic in the Adelaide parklands in October. It was such a beautiful day! We sat under this gum tree and ate lots of good food. Nev even got to eat some rice cracker things, which are a current favorite of his. Handy too, because they are a bit of finger food & he gets to hang with the big people.

In the gum tree above us, we had a visitor: a KOOKABURRA! I sung the song "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree" and he sung back to us his clear call. Nev didn't really get he was there, but he could hear him. Its hard to pick things out of all those leaves.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Sept Shots

I've been slacking on uploading photos. Here are a few from the last month or so...In his Indian's uniform and practicing holding up that head.

Gnawing on the closest thing in the bath. One thing that everyone notices is the amazing eye contact that Nevlin gives everyone. Its really piercing and he concentrates so much.

This is possibly my favorite bib. I haven't bought many things for Nevlin, but this one was impossible to pass up.

Nevlin and Cam went on a few bike rides. Its been an adventure, but there is always love when you get to see the ducks. "Quack, quack; waddle, waddle; quack, quack; waddle, waddle."

A while back all the mom's from my mother's group went out to dinner. It was a really fun night, and I even was able to catch a ride, so I had a cocktail or two. Great that we got to see each other as something other than just "so & so's mom."

Nev goes RETRO!!!

MaryEd, Cam's mom, brought with her some of Cameron's old clothes from the mid-1970s. These are such absolutely amazing outfits and we can't thank her enough for saving them. CLASSIC 1970s stuff, and even a few bits from the early 1980s. For those who like to go skiing or for football fanatics is the following.

Then there is the super hero. The sleeves were a little long, but the rest of it fits quite well.
This cotton outfit really was challenging as the child who is wearing it now is a bit heavier than the one who wore it 30+ years ago.

Check out this shot of Toby and Cam (on the right) in the same thing. I recon there's a bit of family resemblance.

The look of wonder on Nevlin's face in this shot is just amazing. He really is captivated at books, they transport him to another place and he loves it.

OK, so the color is just better in the new photo, and the two of them were about 6 months different, but you can't tell me that the outfit is timeless (or priceless). By far my favorite.

Finally here's a shot I took today of Nev. Really had to squeeze him into this one, but didn't want him to wear it earlier as it hasn't been warm enough to run around in. Unfortunately this will be the only time he squeezes into it, as the buttons were nearly impossible to fasten.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Room Alterations"

Cam and I have migrated things in the apartment yet again and given Nevlin a bit of his own space. Here's a shot of his room, from the door. My brother put me in a laundry basket when I was very young, I don't think I was nearly as happy as Nev is here.

There's lots of color in his room. From the beautiful home-made quilts from his Cioci & cousin to the Sri Lankan masks to the mobile that hangs in the middle of it all.
Here's a shot of the mobile by itself. Made from the vines growing next door and stars from all over the world (many cousins have contributed), it is the centerpiece to his domain. Stars were flown in from the US and Aussie flags were added too. Recently our neighbors went to China & bought him the birds with the red hanging part. I love running that into Nevlin's forehead, an action that often gets a giggle. 
We have also created a space where our dining table used to be for Nev to play in. The carpet makes it much better to fall over and the couch is a nice place for us adults. There are no outlets, so its pretty safe. 

The bookcase faces outward and we painted a nature scene on the side that faces the play area. Letters and numbers are on the side, making it easy to break out into "ABC" frequently. An orange tree and blueberry bush are on the left, just above a pond. Nev's hand print doubles as a cloud.