Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Halloween & Turtle statue

Halloween in Australia is less than that in the US...our decorations consisted of Nev's t-shirt from last year and some garland and pumpkins.

Such decorations signal to trick-or-treaters that we have candy to give. We only got 22 kids this year, which was more than the 8 we had in Adelaide.

The kids went off with Cam and I stayed to hand out the candy. Livia was a bee and Nev was Mater from Cars (thanks Moc & Jacob).

At a park, we found a turtle carved out of stone. It was fun to climb.
 Both kids actually posed for me, which is a rare occasion.

Then they had a little fun. We took this one for Busha!

Thanksgiving 2016

Hi everyone. Yet another delay in my posting, but here are a few shots from this past Thanksgiving. Cam's brother and most of his family including his in-laws were able to join us. I baked an apple pie (as voted for by several family members, but not my Cam who wanted pecan).

The spread besides the turkey grilled by Cam to perfection included yams and pecans, cornbread stuffing, wild rice with almonds, green beans, and mashed potatoes.

Livia of course finished early because she ate first. She was able to scoot around on the porch as everyone else feasted.

We made turkey hand prints for decoration in the back and also place markers.

Nevlin was pretty excited to try some ice cream after. He will have pie on Monday, dessert night.

Check out the cute turkey place markers! The pies before we ate them up. Gobble, gobble and a shout out to the rest of the family who we weren't able to celebrate thanksgiving with in person. You are in our hearts, minds and prayers.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Livia 12 shots in 1 year

Either Cam or I took a photo every month during Livia's first year to show how much she has changed. It's pretty astonishing to check them out one after another. Enjoy this recap!

Birth, in the hospital, 3 days old. 

1 Month, hospital, virus that attacked her lungs

2 Months, pretty blue eyes but not for long

3 Months, eyes have changed, dark blue outline, brown inside = hazel

4 Months, begin baby bouncing

5 Months, "off you sock, off! Ahhh, now I can rest."

6 Months, & Livia is sitting like a champ

7 months, shaking a rattle & visiting Sydney

8 Months, MERRY CHRISTMAS from Cleveland

9 Months, sniffle, smile, sniffle, sniffle

10 Months, rolly, polly, clap, clap, clap

 11 Months, "how did I get here? 
I don't know but I'm proud as a blueberry"

1 year old, back in Adelaide with my teeth and feet 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Livia's 1st THANKSGIVING (last year)

I absolutely love Thanksgiving: Food, Friends, Family & Football. What more can a girl ask for? This year was extra special because we were in Sydney with Cam's family to celebrate.

Here is Nevlin with his two Godparents. He got the school bus from Michelle and loves pulling out the stop sign.

I love Thanksgiving, especially the part where everyone is thankful for what they have.

Cam is a master carver and took that bird to town.

Cousins, turkey, cranberry sauce and a tablecloth that can be drawn upon...what could be better?

Livia loved her green beans and the corn bread (notice all the crumbs).

It was "finger" licking good!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nevlin's "Wigglemania"

Nev's obsession over the Wiggles and Caterpillar have taken themselves to a new height. So much so, there need to be two posts. This will be the WIGGLES. If you are unaware of who they are, you can either google or trust me when I say they sing, dance, and entertain thousands of children for 2 decades.

Nevlin really smiled the whole time...couldn't believe the songs he had heard were coming to life. There is something about the power of performance. 

At one point, a Wiggle asked who wanted to have a flower from their friend Dorthy. Like many, Nevlin held out his hand.

Nevlin went with his Godmother, Michelle and me. We bought commemorative bags, and a whole outfit.

Here is the shirt! He looks pretty good in the whole outfit, including pants with stripes.

Melbourne & Livia confirming her Americanism

In Sept of 15 the four of us headed to Melbourne to present Livia to the consulate to confirm that she existed. We had applied for her citizenship and this was the last part to complete (including her raising her hand and swearing allegiance). Somewhere on the trip, Cam snapped this shot of Nev.

It reminded me of a photo of Cam from back in 2005, a decade earlier.

We got to visit family in Melbourne (on Tony's side) that included the couple who had been married about a year ago. It was a very relaxed meal, where the kids could roam about a bit.

Outside of the US Consulate, we snapped this shot. Livia was quite pleased and Nevlin found a stick.

At the art museum, there was a wall of water. Needless to say, Nevlin needed to change his shirt after this photo. Livia on the other hand was quite perplexed about it, but I believe she enjoyed it. It was cold water.

Cam's Wedding Fun

Cam had two family members marry in 2014 and in 2015: his cousin in Melbourne and his Aunt in Cannes. On both occasions, it was impossible for the whole family to travel, so he went solo. This first shot was from the balcony where he stayed.

Cam with his uncle, aunt, brother, and sister-in-law at the reception in Melbourne. People can really clean up!

Here are Cam with his parents and brother all black tie. 

 In contrast in Sept 2015 up north in Cairns, his Aunt had fire at her wedding. It was hot.

Here is Cam with two nieces and a nephew.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Livia's baptism

Livia was baptized at the same church that I was baptized in Dec of 2015. It meant a lot to me to have her baptized there and also to have an excuse to have a celebration with the extended family and friends back in Ohio.

Thanks to my parents for helping to make it happen, to Kaki who is Livia's Godmother, to Andre who stood in for my brother as Godfather, and Father Lucian. Father had the best line of the day "Why you not cry, baby?" because unlike most infants, Livia was quite fine with cold water being poured over her forehead.

Livia looked absolutely like an angel in her Christening outfit from her Aunt & Godmother Kaki.

Cousin Andre had the all-important job of candle holder / don't burn anyone / Godfather for the day. He did an absolutely fantastic job and even helped out by tucking Cameron's grandmother's handkerchief in his pocket. Because her married name was Cronk, she had several with an embroidered C on them. As the only grandchild with that initial, Cameron received them upon her passing. It was really special that his maternal grandmother could be represented too. 

After a nap at the reception, Livia was ready for more play with cousins. Tor really loved playing with the newest addition to the family.

 Four generations of ladies posed for a group shot. I think the only obvious difference is our hair!

Mom dug up my first pair of shoes for the occasion. We tried to fit them on Nev's feet for his baptism, but he was much too young at 1 month. Livia instead wore the same pants he wore under her dress to keep warm since it was winter. The shoes fit her feet perfectly, but neither of us ever walked in them.