Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mid June - Workin' N Playin'

In the world of Nev, there sure is a lot happening and whew does it wear him out. Dad has been working at Adelaide High School where they are constructing a new building on top of the original Adelaide Observatory. A really important site that helped establish time and location beginning in the 1840s. Here's a shot after a rough day. Nev's shirt says: Instant Archaeologist...Just add coffee! It was from an archaeologist friend of ours, Jo.

Many of the photos I take have an empty look on Nev's face because he is engaging in something other than the camera or me. This one, however, caught his attention. He's quite alert, and will turn 3 months on Wed. 

Compare that image above with him at one week old: Crazy to think that those eyes remain the same size. How huge they and his nose & mouth look in this photo?

Of course, he's doing so well because he sleeps so well. Nevlin comes from a long line of sleepers. Here are two shots that I took coming in from the car. 

Drooling is a newer pass time, hence the frequency of more bibs in photos. The light was just so soft on his little fuzzy head.

When Nev wakes up from a nap, he often looks like a deer in headlights. Then he smiles so big because he forgot you existed, let alone that you would come back. What a wonderful surprise every time!

Also upon waking from a nap Nev is hungry...he frequently tries to get milk out of his hands and rub his feet together vigorously in anticipation of the flow of white stuff. Even if you make the noise of shaking a bottle, his eyes light up. This kid is not wanting for food.

Finally I have a shot with a few presents from the states: the platypus on Nev's shirt was put there by his OH cuz, Jess (I LOVE IT!) and it matches his Cleveland Browns pants while he "hits" at his red football from another cuz from TX, Liam. We had the football in the bath, but it sinks and passes out of Nev's view much too quickly.

Nevlin's 45 min morning nap has lasted well over 3 hrs now, so I think he's going to have an active afternoon. We will see! Its always a bit different each day, but the consistency of eating well & sleeping pretty good keeps everyone happy.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sleeping & Photo Shoot

The little Nev has sort of adopted a somewhat regular sleeping pattern, but not exactly every day. He has been quite good at sleeping 8 hours in one go. The challenge is to get him to fall asleep later in the evening. He also takes one to three naps throughout the day ranging from 20 minutes to 45 to 3-4 hours. It all depends on things I can't quite narrow down. Here's a shot of him during one of the naps the other day.
He sleeps under his new hand-made mobile. THANKS to everyone who has mailed us back their stars. You can see the stellar one in the middle from Cam's Gpa & Gma. It is beautiful. Others have words, some have stickers or paint. It really does keep him happy & he stares at it for hours as it gently moves with the air.

The other day I took Nev out back for a photo shoot. He was wearing an automotive shirt & looked quite dashing. Nevlin went through many different emotions. Here's the shot with the closest he got to a smile.

Many of the shots were not so happy including this pouty one.

There was also surprise!

And confusion!?!? Or is it nausea? It was towards the end of the session, so Mom didn't have time to figure it out. Hope everyone enjoyed these as much as we had taking them.

Frock Around the Clock - Unley Museum

The Unley Museum hosted "Frock Around the Clock" a 1950s fashion parade. The articles of clothing were from Violet's collection and included this fantastic dress that had such a small waist, she couldn't find someone to fit into it today!

There were singers that encouraged us to sing along while the models changed into their next outfits. Here they are at the opening singing "rock around the clock."

There were over 100 items that were displayed, all from the 1950s. This one seemed like a woman just floating across the catwalk in white.

They ended the first half with everyone in underwear. It was quite a show stopper! There were two male models and four female ones. Quite the show.

This was one of my favorite outfits, loved the color & the cut. Paired quite nicely with gloves and matching shoes & hat.

The finale were wedding outfits including mother and father of the brides. Overall, an amazing show and a nice way of spending the evening out of the house.