Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 Blogger refuses to put this photo right side up, so you must twist your head. We transformed the apartment into a formal dining room with a lounge out the back.

Here is the lounge complete with a Chinese decor, flowers, and grapes. Our neighbor, Maurene, made us appetizers of prawns (shrimp but larger) and sausage rolls. Most folks saved themselves for dinner.

We had 11 guests plus ourselves and the table was full of side dishes that everyone brought. This year was much easier to prepare, but the turkeys didn't cooperate. It takes much longer with the type of oven we have to cook two birds. Lucky for us, Maurene allowed us to use her oven too.

Cam had a carving station in the corner as if we were at a 5 star restaurant. Lets face it, we were all fancy with our matching plates and cloth napkins. Everyone had a fabulous time and really enjoyed the tradition of mentioning what they were thankful for...including their new house, vacuum cleaner, pets, Harvey Norman, and dual control fans in a car.

Para Wirra - Gold Mining Adventure

Cam and I have been visiting Para Wirra, a gold mining landscape north of Adelaide for close to a year. I think I've posted on this before, but have some photos that are backed up. Here I am next to a small lake. It was a beautiful day a few months back.

We walked through the woods looking for and documenting small pits or former buildings. Since we have been doing this in so many seasons, we've come across some beautiful plants. Check this flower out that turns from pink to blueish-purple. 

Cam paused just long enough for this photo. It has been beautiful weather, as evidence in this image.

This past weekend we were out with our friend Jo. We were trying to follow a former road through the woods, which proved to be more difficult than we had hoped. You can probably tell that I'm over 5 months pregnant in this shot and am sporting some nice looking pants...at least MacGurkey was mellow the whole time.

Just as we were leaving, we stopped to snap this shot in the former schoolhouse. My feet are tired, but Cam has just downloaded the points from our GPS and wants to label photos.