Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Thursday, November 11, 2010

FLASHBACK: Burra - CU land

Burra was the home to a massive copper town in South Australia and responsible for saving the state. The Cornish were massively influential in its history, and were particularly responsible for building the engine houses like this one on the left. Burra in fact is the home to the most Cornish engine houses in one location, outside of Cornwall. At least that is what I think.

Cam took this picture of the bottom of one of the flues that would draw air through a huge underground system.

Because they were miners, many of the workers built their houses in the creek bed, into the hillside. These huts were built out of mud and timber and generally held up to working except for the floods. These 2 have been reconstructed for tours.

Burra, like many places in Australia, had a prison. Cam tried his hand at an escape. Did he succeed (well, you can probably guess)? Stayed tune to our next adventure back to Sydney.

FLASHBACK: Burra - CU Aussie Style

Leaving Broken Hill, we headed towards Adelaide & spent a bit of time in Peterborough and Burra.

Peterbourough had a number of trains that were around the town, preserved and standing strong. It was the location where one type of gauge of track changed to the other one (each colony had its own gauge). We had a spectacular lunch there.

Approaching Burra, we drove over the creek that had a tendency to flood from time to time. This photo contains some of the historic buildings included in the district that has state significance. There was hotel in Burra that we stayed at during a blackout where power was cut for a few hours. Everyone ended up at the bar, including us. Just like the old days.

While walking around on a historic tour in town, Cam snapped this photo for his Mom. We haven't yet printed it for her, but I think she'll see it here.

Coming from Houghton MI, Cameron & I really felt at home while passing through Burra. Even though we were a bit like the bloke in the middle (out of place).

Next post will be historic part of Burra including the mines!

I GOT A JOB - really!

Hey all,

This is going to be a short post, but the good news is I got a full-time job. I'm starting on Monday and hope to see a contract soon. The Unley Museum will be my home and as curator I'll be in charge of people visiting, opening the museum, and working with the local council.

Sorry for lack of photos, haven't spent 1 day there yet. More from flashbacks.