Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Friends & Santa holiday visits

We had a few visitors to the house over the holidays including some little people about the same age as Nevlin. It was great to see that Nev continues to get used to new friends, but sometimes is challenged when they compete for attention. 

Cam's suburb does an amazing tradition of greeting Santa not by sleigh but by boat at the ferry dock. Here he is coming, between the two lamp posts on the right with a few helpers to hand out presents to all the neighborhood children.

Unlike some, we went with a very modest sized present, that Nevlin patiently waited for with Cameron. There were probably about 60 kids patiently waiting for Santa to call out their name. Nev's was small, and sunk down to the bottom of bag 3, so I was hanging with him by the time "Nevlin Hartnell" was called by the man in red & white.

Nevlin got two similar gifts: one from Cioci/Papa/Jess and another from Santa. Here he has just opened "Liam" also known as Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Liam's friend, Lilly (AKA Piglet) was already opened upon the package's arrival from Cleveland.

Nevlin was so happy that Lilly finally had a friend that he gave cuddles all around. It was a fantastic Christmas morning. We headed back to the house for cinnamon rolls and mango madness.

More Christmas

We had another fun Christmas and Nevlin really got into the spirit this year. He was into the tree and trying to rearrange both the lights and all the ornaments. When MaryEd took it down while he had a nap, he woke up and said "no more tree, no more presents, no more lights, no more baby Jesus, no more lamb-y (from a nativity scene)." 

I thought I would include a few night shots from the evening that C & I went out in the big city. We wandered from one holiday decoration to the next, stumbled on some decorated department store windows and saw a huge tree with lots of lights in the center of Sydney.

I'm sure most of you heard about the gun siege at a chocolate cafe. Two people plus the gunman were killed, and tributes to those two people flooded in. The area was right down the block from the Christmas tree pictured above, and this building was designed to carry a light show (the street is closed & it is a bit of a shopping area). Such a tragedy really brought out an amazing tribute that smelled sweetly even a week after it happened.

We ended the evening with another light performance on a cathedral about a 10 minute walk away. This one included the 12 days of Christmas in lights, along with a Christmas tree tribute. It was beautiful and very clever because it incorporated the architecture of the church into the song.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas take 1

There was an abnormally early Christmas parade and Nevlin enjoyed seeing Santa from this distance. Can't say that he felt the same way in person. 

Nevlin gets so excited when we get a package, he MUST open it as soon as it arrives. A package came from Cioci and Papa and Jess with lots of Christmas presents showed up on our door. Here was the first of several gifts. Nevlin named it "Lilly" with such an exclamation that it was as if he had finally seen his long lost friend.

We headed to Sydney and began relaxing for a whole two weeks. There is a little beach right next to where Cam's parents live. 

Nothing like having an entire beach-ful of pebbles to toss into the harbor. 

Smiles and giggles would abound when his Michelle was around!

Aviation Museum visit

Cam and Nev and I went to an aviation museum late last year. Considering Nevlin's obsession with airplanes and airports it was an instant hit.

He got to go aboard one fighter plane and check out a dozen others. There was even some live music where we got to see different instruments being played. 


Nev climbs aboard anything he can, especially if it has a steering wheel. This one is an auxiliary piece used in the airfield.

I found a cut out & had to get a shot.

Next to the aviation museum is the train museum. We were almost museumed out, but had enough energy to hop aboard Bub for a short stroll around the track. Nevlin loved the ride.


I'm a bit behind...but better late than never. Have lots of Christmas photos and thought I would post a few on the next one. For now, here is a recap of Thanksgiving & November.

Nevlin helped Cam to grow veggies. We harvested one cucumber and a heap of tomatoes and so much spinach that we haven't bought any lettuce for about 4 months. It's been awesome!

Cameron baked the bird this year up-side down (breasts on the bottom). All the juices settled in the breasts and it was absolutely delicious. Check out his perfection!

 We had over some folks from the mother's group. Ava couldn't make it because she wasn't feeling well, but the feast went on.

The two toddlers ate so much corn, it was amazing how quiet and peaceful dinner was for a whole 10 minutes. I highly recommend grilling your corn when you get the chance.