Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nev at home and Botanical Gardens

The little guy is doing really well, thriving and starting to be aware of his surroundings. Here's a shot of Dad & Nev on a slightly chilly morning this weekend. We put him in the sweater vest to stay warm. I hung up a few more decorations in his room. See the colorful quilt hanging on the wall from Cioci Gerrie?

Nev really likes spending time outside in his "pram." I miss using the word "stroller" and catch myself saying "pusher" too to mix things up. Stroller implies going out for a stroll, which is really nice. Nevlin is sleeping right now. He had a big morning with me and another lactation consultant. We are continuing to breastfeed, but he isn't really very game to keep going. I've decided to stick to it until I use up all my drugs - about 2 more weeks or so. Will see how I last but at that is the plan. At least he is doing well! Thank goodness for formula.

We (C, E, & N) went to the botanical gardens & had a picnic (everyone ate, some a more liquid diet than others). My favorite spot there is the hot house with the gigantic lily pads.

We've been here for close to 3 years and I'm still discovering different parts of Adelaide. I've been to the botanic gardens a hundred times and I haven't been to this glass house since we first arrived. Nevlin was quite comfortable in his stroller & Cam enjoyed getting out of the house even for a few hours.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Snuggles & Mystery Gifts

 I always imagined lots of snuggles when I had a baby, and I finally got some really good ones this past weekend. Nevlin has this really amazing ability to find the perfect spot on your neck or shoulder to cuddle into, as evidenced below.

He has been much more active in the last few days...especially with Daddy. The little guy has been smiling at both of us, but when it comes to food, DO NOT interrupt his flow. He gets so upset at a lack of milk. This really warm sleeper is just a bit too tight on him as he continues to grow. He's stretched over 7 cm in the last two months.

We received some mystery gifts in the mail from Amazon, from people we can't thank. This one will be for Nevlin in about a month when he is teething. He likes rattles already so it probably will be a crowd pleaser.

The other mystery gift was a gym where he can reach up & touch three animals. The stripes are wicked cool, but Nev doesn't really reach for many things. We've had a lazy day & I've been updating blogs. If anyone knows who gave us either of these mystery gifts, could you let me know? Would like to thank the generous person/people properly.

MaryEd, walks, and a taste of archaeology

 While MaryEd was visiting us, we did a lot of walking. We went to Aldgate, a small town in the hills where Nevlin had his first picnic.

Unfortunately, MaryEd hurt her leg from all our walking and ended up buying a cane. Here is the little one eating with MaryEd helping him along the way.

The neighbors came over the weekend before MaryEd left for a BBQ. It was really tastey with salads, steak, and fine company. We all had a great time.

One of the absolute cutest things about Nevlin is his forehead. When he raises his eyebrows, there is a triangle at the center of his head made from the wrinkles. You can barely see it in the photograph below, but it's there.

Just after MaryEd left, Nevlin visited his first archaeology site, one that will be excavated in the new future. Its on the site of the high school on West Terrace, under a parking lot. He was asleep during most of site visit, but it was another first of the little man.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Baptism party!!!

 We had a party at the Buffalow, a floating boat restaurant in Glenelg (suburb of Adelaide). It was a great setting. It is a replica ship that is equipted with a kitchen. Here's a view of the ship in the port.

The whole group really cleaned up well for the occasion! It included my Ma, Cam's parents, cousin, brother and his family and our two neighbor couples. A really nice and small group.

The ship made for an interesting background. This is what the top deck looked like, although we ate below. It was a beautiful day, but much too sunny for little Nev.

Nevlin raked in a bunch of presents including this wicked pacifier or "binky." His mouth is a bit small at the moment, but I'm sure he'll love it soon enough. His Godmother, Michelle, was the giver.

What party would be complete without a cake? We ordered Nevlin's from across the street and it was a really awesome strawberry and cream cake. YUM!!!

The baptism weekend saw out of town company beginning on Friday night. We went out to dinner where Meme and Gpa got to meet Nev for the first time. He was bright eyed for the beginning, but soon enough began dozing off in his carrier.

The other highlight of the evening was my choice of restaurant on Sat night. All that had been requested was "meat" so i went to choose a dry, vegetarian Yum Cha restaurant. It was absolutely not the best choice, but did make for a very memorable meal. We headed off to the Belgium pub afterward. FUNNY!