Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Friday, February 4, 2011

FLASHBACK: Holidays at the Farm

I'm sure everyone is wondering what kind of farm we were at, well it was for race horses.

They aren't too friendly because they've been bread to be nervous. When we entered a paddock, they were curious and sometimes charged a bit.

My Mam & Tat mailed an Ohio puzzle. It was a taste of home, and we put it together with the help of some cherries and wine.

I also baked 4 kinds of jelly pocket cookies. They were popular and again reminded me of home. I even had help from Michelle (and) Marg (Cam's Aunt).

We were all about the food. One of the presents was a cupcake maker. The kids all enjoyed decorating, although the high color concentrates were less of a hit with the adults.

We also made dumplings from scratch, under the direction of Song. Here is Shawn & Cam filling and sealing one of hundreds made. They were the best!

FLASHBACK: Christmas at the Farm

We flew out of Adelaide and Cam was sitting in the window seat. He saw that we were headed right over his work & snapped this shot.

The red arrow points at his work, right next to a train line & near a very old cemetery.

Of course, what trip to Sydney would be without PUPPIES!!! This is Toby - dog who is just the best.

The other puppy is Harry - dog, seen here with the beautiful Sydney. He was donning a collar with little bells that helped to keep track of him.

Cameron's two brothers, Ted & Nick as well as each of their families joined us and cousins & Cam's aunt. It was really fun to see everyone. Here is a photo of Amelia trying out one Christmas present to the amazement of herself, MaryEd, and Nick (her dad).

Another moment captured included the rest of Nick's family: Harry, Prue, and Hannah. Hannah was opening a present & Harry was struggling to see how it compaired to some of his.

We had an awesome Christmas with the family and I'll continue in a few more posts the rest of our time at the farm.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adelaide Walks & our Godchild Andia

So this image is from June of Andia, but it was so cute that I wanted to post it, even with it being old. She is currently braving her first winter & her parents decided that Chicago was the place.

We have been on a few hikes in Adelaide, even with our hot, hot weather. It hit 40 C, which is 104 F, and that was hard when the air stood still. We tend to hike up small canyons like the following one, most of which have a waterfall.

The weather makes it hazy most often. People say Adelaide is full of "dry heat" but I'm not buying it. It just feels hot to me. This view towards the center of the city really captured the heat & haze.

Finally I'm supposed to be writing up a report on a property next to the oldest theater in mainland Australia. The theater dates from 1840s and still has some original portions.

FLASHBACK: Part 2 of 2 @ Copper Coast

We went to other places in the Copper Coast including being in cutouts (my current photo favorite thing) in Port Broughton.

This little magical board was tucked down a small drive & Cam was quite creative to set up the camera.

We also spent some time in Moonta. The school of mines was closed, but the building was still nice from the outside.

Here is a beam engine house & stack, all that remains of another mine in the district.

Cam and I even went into a mine, walked down this incline. It was a mine from the 1980s or so and thus had a spiral entrance that trucks and machinery could drive down.

We caught a shadow of a cloud right at sunset...

Finally we snapped this shot of the grain towers at night. Calming waves lapping against the shore.
That was the Coppe Coast!