Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sydney in Jan

In January, Cam's brother and fam were visiting from overseas. We did a pretty awesome walk through the wilderness.

Every good walk includes a nice picnic spot full of fun. We paused here and ran a bit in the grass chasing a green ball.

Andia did her best to strike a pose in between throws.

Honeypot really loved eating some yogurt on the trip, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture it on film. 

YUM! I think he may have even gotten some in his mouth, but not sure.

Sydney Sides & Aquarium

We visited Sydney to see Cam's brother and family. Andia and Nevlin got along swimmingly. Of course, we headed to a park and raced on the slide.

The other outing was a trip to the Aquarium. Lots and lots of fish.

Nevlin enjoyed all the blue, especially the starfish. 

After pausing for a few snacks, the kids even had a bit of a giggle.

Then this monster of a fish swam by, spurring more and more conversation.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Last of Easter part 3 of 3

Nevlin woke up Easter morning and went on an Easter egg hunt in the back of the hotel. It was so fun to have him find the 10 eggs that I hid along with an Easter bilby. 

Instead of Easter bunnies, Australians like to have Easter bilbies, an endangered animal that gets some funds back with every purchase of its likeness in chocolate. Because this one wasn't wrapped in colorful foil, Nevlin had a hard time spotting it in the garden, but Daddy helped to point it out.

We then headed to the whispering wall, which is really a huge dam. Nevlin and Cam walked all the way to the other side and were met by Meme in the middle for this shot.

It was a huge dam, but I didn't hear anything when I tried to listen to someone else on the other side. Loved the Barossa!

Easter with Maggie! (2/3)

Maggie Beer has a farm and tasting room up in the Barossa that was really choice. In the back was a pond and Nevlin really enjoyed exploring it. He's the dot of red on the left with Tony & Cam on the right. 

We tried to capture a good photo of him with a natural background, and this was my favorite out of the series...you don't always capture his genuine smile, but this one really did.

There were many birds and quince plants on the farm, including these two beautiful ones. Can't remember what they were called. Anyone know?

The best places were restaurants that had an outdoor area or place where Nevlin could let off a bit of steam while we waited for the food. This place had a tether ball and rackets.

There was a scarecrow contest going on, and Nevlin finally found some friends his own size. Our last post will cover his Easter egg hunt.

Easter Flashback part 1/3

Hey y'all. We had Sydney side visitors for last Easter in April (2-8) and I wanted to post a few choice images. Here was the awesome Easter basket full of meat, beets, a piggy, eggs, and chocolate.

We headed to the Barossa Valley for some great food and good wine (although I was pregnant with Buckaroo/Livia so no wine for me). We were at a fantastic sculpture park outside and Nev loved hanging with his grandparents.

All of us enjoyed the view at the sculpture park, especially on this cool but beautiful day.

Here is an awesome eagle who had an eye that you could see through. He ran through the park with little to no hesitation. Thankfully it was all walking trails.

A few wineries were visited including this one with Chateau in its name. It was quite grand and some good wines I know about from a previous visit. They even had a croquet green in the back.
Ok, now for the next post.