Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Final Show Bits

This will be the last posting of the show. Can't believe one day's worth of fun took up 3 posts, and I didn't even include all the photos I took. You missed out on a few horses and some wool and decorated eggs. As the sun was setting, we sat down to watch some motor-cross bike tricks. It really took both Cam & I back to MI and the Houghton County Fair.

If you look closely at this one, there are 3 jumpers right in a row, the first one is doing a back-flip, the second has his feet over the handle bars, and the third has just taken off. These guys were pretty good.

One of the most iconic parts of the show is the ferris wheel. I was tempted to ride, but it was about $8 for a 2 minute ride & I thought that pretty expensive. Since Adelaide is pretty flat, you probably could see the ocean from up there.

One of the last things we did before heading home after the long day at the fair was watch part of a polo match. It was a ladies team & I didn't really get how the scoring worked, but one side seemed to be kicking butt. They scored 3x in the 10 min we watched.

Almost all of the show ads include this silly clown. I accidentally made him my background after uploading it to this blog. Enjoy the clowns!

THE Royal Adelaide Show: 2 of one more

I think it rather a presumption to call it "The Show" but I guess it is the largest thing that happens here in Adelaide. This banner says it all, and shows you how it ends each evening. There is a fireworks show that rival's Amherst, OH (he he he).

Cam & I went without a plan, just showed up to the showgrounds and wandered about. We ate when we felt like it, pet a pig here or learned about grains there. When we were a bit tired of walking around so much (we got there around 11 & left about 8 pm) we sat down. We happened to see some folks sitting near all the dogs, so we sat. Turned out, we got to watch a women from England choose the 2011 BEST OF SHOW DOG. I kept thinking about the movie, Best of Show. The black mop-like dog on the left was the winner!

No show-experience would be the same without some sheep herding trials. But with a rainbow?!? That is out of this world. Too bad this particular dog had a hard time getting his sheep to go where they were supposed to go.

I think one of my favorite parts of the show was the cake decorating winners. Check out this cake, complete with a handle. It was good enough to eat, but it probably wouldn't taste very good, sugar frosting crunching between my teeth!

Royal Adelaide Show: I of III

Cam & I had a fantastic day at the Royal Adelaide Show. This agricultural show has been going on since the 1840s. We spent the entire Saturday & had loads of fun. Mostly it was looking at all the animals, some of which I captured on film.

First up were the little piggies. Not just five, but a dozen were taking a snooze in between a feeding frenzy. I love how the one in the middle is eying the camera as if I was going to move into his territory.

We watched horse shoeing on the way to the wood chopping. There were really tall totems next to this line of men, but we didn't see them cut those down. It took merely a few seconds to cut through these logs.

On to the sheep & goat shed. The shed reminded Cam of Tony's new one at the farm, except instead of being full of Websters or machinery, there were sheep. We've seen sheep sheering before (after all, we were at the sheep shoring hall of fame last year) but this was for a competition. The men were quite good, but generally seemed a bit mean to the animals. Sheep really do just go and can get spooked easily. This goat got the prize for "best scratch!"

One of my new pastimes is finding cutouts & snapping photos. This one really does wonders for my neckline. Next two posts will also cover the show throughout the day. Till then.