Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Friday, July 22, 2011

Feb FLASHBACK: Cam's Parents Visit (Part 3)

Remember how I said that we were all about the food & fun on this trip? Well I've saved this last post to illustrate all the good grub.

These scallops were so fresh & buttery melt-in-your-mouth good!

This restaurant was in an historic building, I think it was an old tavern that included a walk in wine cellar. It pleased everyone's palettes because not only did they have amazing local and imported wine, but also "vale ale" brewed locally. Cam's family ran into a friend from around the farm! Talk about a small world. She's in SA now too.

In my earlier post I spoke of the restaurant downstairs in the Anchorage hotel we were staying. This was our meal there complete with lots of food because Tony couldn't eat all of his. The color was so tasty.

Victor Harbour was a whaling town back in the 19th century and this fountain commemorates that industry. There is a marine industry museum right on the waterfront next to a horse drawn historic tram!!!

Cam, Tony, MaryEd, and I all woke up early and were the first to great the horse. We were afraid it may sell out, but since it was overcast & windy, there wasn't much interest.

We rode over to an island on the top & then went to the inside on the return. The connection between Victor Harbour and this Granite Island was made to help loading of boats. The harbor isn't too deep, I guess.

A fantastic trip was had by all!

Feb FLASHBACK: Cam's Parents Visit (Part 2)


We stayed at a historic inn that had bedrooms upstairs and a pub and restaurant downstairs. The view from our porch was fantastic with a game of lawn bowling, some Aussie rules footballers, waves crashing into the beach, and an island all in view.

We enjoyed a bottle of red purchased along the way before & after meals. The tranquility, especially of sunsets & sunrises (at least I heard about that last one) was remarkable.

Here is a view of The Anchorage, our hotel. Notice its location between the RR and the bay. Funny how we continue to gravitate towards trains. We rode a train to the neighboring town of Goowla.

Here's a shot at the Victor Harbour station. The green car was the best one of the lot, but I went into each car to see the differences. They dated to different periods.

Check out the luggage racks above everyone's head. Also notice how the windows are. The seats were covered in leather. We brought lemonade with us for the trip and cashews. It was a beautiful trip right along the coast. Beaches to one side and farmland to the other.

When we reached Goolwa, it was the wooden boat festival (South Australia is known as the FESTIVAL state after all). Many many cute wooden boats came together and were on parade. There was food & wine and a very hot sun. Booths with information about where to go to fix your boat or historic steamships along the Murray river dotted around the port.

Feb FLASHBACK: Cam's Parents Visit (Part 1)

We had several visitors to Adelaide this year. The first were Cam's parents, MaryEd and Tony in February to celebrate Cam's birthday.

It was a fabulous trip full of fun, food, and of course, history. We showed them around Adelaide a bit, including our apartment. Then we went south to McLaren Vale. On the way, we stopped at a wonderful restaurant. This shot has the ocean off Tony's shoulder. The sea breeze was beautiful.

McLaren Vale is the closest of 3 wine regions to Adelaide. There are rows upon rows of the grapes. The difference between these shots and ones we took recently in another valley are stark. Green then, naked branches now.

Tony got a haircut in a 1866 telegraph office in Victor Harbour. That is a town about 1.5 hrs to the south.

Remember how I talked about MaryEd's visit & going to the same waterfall? Well this is a shot of her looking at the same falls, although they weren't falling much. The rocks looked more like they were crying.

Of course, I've posted Aussie animals before, but this shot was stunning. A koala next to a kookaburra. Both were just hanging in waterfall park in what else, a gum tree. One more post about this trip before getting to the family reunion at the Farm.

Images around Adelaide

I've got lots and lots of things to post, here are a few items that I've found taken by my phone. Sorry about the quality, but these are some of the best parts of Adelaide.

There is a waterfall walk that includes koalas, almost guaranteed. When MaryEd came to visit, we took her to this walk and saw 3 at least. A gradual walk, and a little boardwalk that turns a corner before you see this. It is pretty dramatic, especially 15 min drive from the city.

An area known as Rundle Mall is a closed off street with lots of shops. Included in the area are lots of art pieces including this one. They must be shinned regularly because you can try, but its impossible not to touch.

During one of the many festivals, someone built this huge cork bottle. It really trumps any of the recycled trivets or cork boards I ever attempted. Look how tall! I'm not sure how they did it, but it was pretty awesome to witness.

One of the restored historic structures on Rundle is Adelaide Arcade. It has an amazing tied floor and fantastic boutiques including one store dedicated completely to buttons. A must see for Adelaide visitors.

With a friend, Jo, and some of her friends, we went to a roller derby. I've only ever seen these on TV or in the movies. The women are much more realistic, and it can get rough, but overall really good fun. I'd go back, especially with a group of friends.

On line...and looking good

Hi everyone. I've been featured as one of the images on Unley's front website. Check me out (you may have to wait until the second image, but it will be worth it)!



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hiking in the Hills: Chambers Gully

Cam and I have been slowly chipping away at all the possible hikes around the Adelaide Hills. We've been a few places & have some favorite spots, but have learned that a "quick" hike normally will be at least 2 hrs.

One of our most recent adventures was to a place called Chambers Gully. With a windy terrain wrapping around the hillsides, we had a fantastic adventure. The blue sky and perfect temperatures meant it was not too hot or cold.

Lots of animals joined us on our journey including koalas, birds, and other humans. Cam is doing his best interpretation of one creature...not too sure which, but his paws should give you a clue.

The view from the top was spectacular. After this we wrapped down through some olives and headed back to the car. These thistles reminded me of Eeyore, friend to Christopher Robin. I recently had a Christopher Robin come into the Museum the other day, but he pointed out that he wasn't a storybook character.

Around SA Talisker Mine

I never posted this, but here are some pics from around SA.

This photo epitomizes these trees, the Norfolk Island pines. They are invasive to Australia, but they are really everywhere.

Cam & I saw many plants along the way, but this one took the cake.

The Talisker Mine has a few ruins, but this one of the calcining furnace was really great. The information panel clearly told about its function.

We even got to watch the boat that goes to Kangaroo Island. It was a blustery day as you can tell from my hair.

The other one was at a mill that has been converted into a restaurant. Cam & I stopped there while driving down south to Talisker.

PIGEON HILL: New South Wales

Cam and I visited a place called Pigeon Hill in NSW on the way home from the Farm, over Easter. I know, Easter was a very long time ago, but better late than never, right.

This is me in downtown Moruya. That's the town next to the farm. Its fantastic with one main drag, a few banks, two bakeries, a large grocery store, a chemist/drug store, and tourist-needed stores like for swimsuits.

Cam has been passing Pigeon Hill for over a decade, but he never walked up it. Well, that is still true because I was completely pooped! Check out how tall it was...I mean, can you image climbing that?

We didn't really prepare very well for the hike, but it was beautiful. The surrounding gum forest was very green, unusual for this time of year. Its been pretty rainy this year, breaking a long drought.

Here is Cam taking a break. The sun was so hot that we found shelter under a rock outcrop. It really helped to cool down in the shade.

The view would have been better, but the day was very hazy. The size of Australia's landscape continues to amaze me. Whether looking at the rocks or huge trees or vast extent of desert there is always some bit of nature not far away.

Life's been busy, but here's to committing to posting. Sorry friends & family, stayed tuned!