Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Just 4 Sydney-side Hartnells

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shower #3 & Toastmasters

 With a surprise baby shower at Christmas with Cam's fam & friends followed by a skype virtual baby shower with American family under my belt, I attended my third and final shower thrown by my volunteers at the Museum. It was small, with good food and great company.

They asked to borrow my wedding ring to put on the end of a piece of string to see if it would move in a circle (having a girl) or back and forth in a line (having a boy). According to the volunteers, it will be a girl.

 Apologies for these shots not turning right side up, blogspot is being difficult. McGurkey really got some gorgeous gifts including this adorable flat teddy bear covered in Australian wool. Perfect for a newborn to cuddle or sleep on.

I demonstrated the position of the baby with some of the gifts to the amusement of all. 

There were some home-made items as well (by far my favorite types of presents for the little one to be). This will be used to shade the pram/stroller.

Finally, here is a shot of our toastmasters club from Thurs night. It was hat night, so I was wearing a bucket hat. Cam is hiding in the orange hat in the back.

That is it for now. My last week at work this week until maternity leave. MacGurk should be here sometime in March. Cam or I will post something when we get a moment, even if it is one picture. If he/she is late, I'm sure I'll find time to do another posting, but until then...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Strawberry Fields Forever

Cam and I headed up to pick some strawberries and spend the afternoon at Hahndorf, SA. It is the German town and there is a small house museum just on the outskirts. The Hans Heysen house museum has a walking trail in the grounds, a studio, garden and the house. The trail had several scenes captured by Heysen in his paintings. This one of a gum really has changed shape since he painted it in the 1950s.

A variety of artists had sculptures around  Heysen's grounds including this iron one of Australia with Tasmania cut into the bottom right. 

The studio itself was purpose built and still contains several unfinished paintings, the last to be undertaken by Heysen when he was in his 80s. All of his paints, oils, easels, canvas, rugs, and even some sketches were still there. The room was very inspirational.

We also went strawberry picking, one of my fav things to do in summer months. Cam was very good at only picking the absolutely best berries. He even managed to sneak a few extra tasty ones while in the fields.

I found this really large one as we were walking out. I thought would be the best backdrop for a photo. Can you imagine trying to have one of those seeds in your mouth? We shared the fruits of our labor with our neighbors when we got home. It was a really fun-filled weekend.
As you can probably see from this last photo, my belly is beginning to peak out of most shirts. All is going well with McGurky. We have about 5 more weeks to go. I have a funny story about how our little person will probably grow up hating peas, but that is much better to hear as a story rather than in this medium.